Sorry for the Lack of a Post Last Week…

… Ooh! Lolcats! … Wait, I’m sorry, what was I talking about?

Ah, yes, the class-required blog. I must apologize. Things have been busy, and that brings me into conflict with my scatterbrain. And it almost literally is a scatterbrain. You see: I have ADHD.

“ADHD?! What a load of crap. That’s some bogus stuff made up by doctors and pharmaceutical companies.”

Quite wrong you are, awkward strawman argument. ADHD is real and well documented and researched. Here, for example, is a link to a recent article (or its abstract if you don’t have a subscription) that supports my use of the word “scatterbrain”. This shows evidence that there is some interference coming from altered patterns of very low frequency (VLF) activity in the ADHD brain (as measured in wave functions on an EEG). Basically, my resting-state brain functions don’t attenuate, or decrease power, when I go into a goal-oriented mode, and this is what is thought to lead to the interference.

I suppose this is just one way in which my brain is different from others. It’s a complex organ, each of ours is unique, and it tends to do things we don’t want it to do sometimes, or it doesn’t do them how we want them to. Imagine you are a computer yelling at yourself “Dammit, Windows! Where did you put that file? Open task manager. No, not Firefox.” That is how it is some days. We all have issues with our internal processor, and this is just a little glitch with which I have to deal.





Helps SK, Broyd JB, James CJ, Karl A, Chen W, Sonuga-Barke EJS. Altered spontaneous low frequency brain activity in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Brain Research. 2010, 1322: 134-143.



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